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Welcome to Amrita Global Institute

Amrita Global Education is a name synonymous with quality education and coaching. We offer world class coaching to students for competitive exams of all types. We also conduct classes for various entrance exams where the level of competition is very high. This reputed academic institution was set up after taking into account the opinion and advice of the best academic brains and scholars of the country.


The academy is committed to providing you all the guidance and assistance required to help you achieve your academic and career dreams. Our carefully structured and developed courses have helped many students achieve academic advancement and professional success. We make sure our students benefit from the latest education technologies available. Our courses have flexible timings and we make every effort to make studying extremely comfortable and enjoyable to every student.


It is our vision to make our students face the world in every area of life with courage and a positive approach. Our long term mission is to develop AMRITA EDUCATION into a premier centre of excellence. We aim to achieve this by inculcating and nurturing competencies of our students and making them into successful Leaders of tomorrow. The academy is committed to providing high quality and value based holistic orientation in various functional areas of education. We want to create a virtual and positive learning environment that has everything that students need to reach their academic and career goals.


Amrita Global Education specializes in imparting knowledge in various spheres to the students cutting across all the nations of the world. We have students from various parts of India and the world learning at our centers, making our institution a truly global learning arena. Some of our key objectives are:

  • Provide world class education to students

  • Provide the best guidance and expertise and the right atmosphere

  • Identify and track the personal growth and development of the students

  • Nurture their talent with care and help them blossom their life

With our consistent and dedicated effort, we have gained the reputation of being a highly professional, caring, friendly coaching academy that provides an inclusive learning environment in which all students can learn and thrive.